Our facility is widely open to all for observing the mandatory and complementary prayers. Lead by our Imam (Head Cleric), regular 5 times daily prayers schedule. The Friday prayer observes only once.

We provide the very convenient environment while you are observing your prayers. IMAAM Center is a place that you can experience the great aura of the organization. Aura that reflects our core values, as such humility, tolerance, forgiveness and helping each other, etc.

August 2017 | Monthly Prayer Schedule
Aug/Day Fajr Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
01 Tue 5:14am 1:29pm 5:21pm 8:30pm 9:50pm
02 Wed 5:15am 1:29pm 5:21pm 8:30pm 9:48pm
03 Thu 5:16am 1:29pm 5:21pm 8:30pm 9:47pm
04 Fri 5:17am 1:29pm 5:20pm 8:30pm 9:45pm
05 Sat 5:19am 1:29pm 5:20pm 8:30pm 9:44pm
06 Sun 5:20am 1:29pm 5:20pm 8:15pm 9:43pm
07 Mon 5:21am 1:29pm 5:19pm 8:15pm 9:41pm
08 Tue 5:22am 1:29pm 5:19pm 8:15pm 9:40pm
09 Wed 5:23am 1:29pm 5:18pm 8:15pm 9:38pm
10 Thu 5:25am 1:28pm 5:18pm 8:15pm 9:36pm
11 Fri 5:26am 1:28pm 5:17pm 8:15pm 9:35pm
12 Sat 5:27am 1:28pm 5:17pm 8:15pm 9:33pm
13 Sun 5:28am 1:28pm 5:16pm 8:15pm 9:32pm
14 Mon 5:30am 1:28pm 5:16pm 8:15pm 9:30pm
15 Tue 5:31am 1:28pm 5:15pm 8:15pm 9:29pm
16 Wed 5:32am 1:27pm 5:15pm 8:15pm 9:27pm
17 Thu 5:33am 1:27pm 5:14pm 8:15pm 9:25pm
18 Fri 5:34am 1:27pm 5:13pm 8:00pm 9:24pm
19 Sat 5:36am 1:27pm 5:13pm 8:00pm 9:22pm
20 Sun 5:37am 1:26pm 5:12pm 8:00pm 9:20pm
21 Mon 5:38am 1:26pm 5:11pm 8:00pm 9:19pm
22 Tue 5:39am 1:26pm 5:11pm 8:00pm 9:17pm
23 Wed 5:40am 1:26pm 5:10pm 8:00pm 9:15pm
24 Thu 5:42am 1:25pm 5:09pm 8:00pm 9:14pm
25 Fri 5:43am 1:25pm 5:08pm 8:00pm 9:12pm
26 Sat 5:44am 1:25pm 5:08pm 8:00pm 9:10pm
27 Sun 5:45am 1:25pm 5:07pm 8:00pm 9:08pm
28 Mon 5:46am 1:24pm 5:06pm 7:45pm 9:07pm
29 Tue 5:47am 1:24pm 5:05pm 7:45pm 9:05pm
30 Wed 5:48am 1:24pm 5:04pm 7:45pm 9:03pm
31 Thu 5:49am 1:23pm 5:04pm 7:45pm 9:01pm