DAILY PRAYER: The IMAAM Center opens for regular prayes 5 times a day including Friday Prayers. Please check our prayer schedule.

FRIDAY PRAYER: Conducted every Friday, starts at 1PM EST. Due to limited parking space, allow extra time for getting in and out of the parking lot and be respectful to the neighboring area.

MATRIMONIAL: IMAAM offers couples who are ready to start a family with officiating Islamic marriages at the IMAAM Center


LESSONS: Learn how to read Quran and understand Arabic by taking classes and sessions at IMAAM Center.

LIBRARY: Increase your knowledge with vast collection of books at IMAAM Center. Available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Arabic.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Increase your skills with knowledge in other fields, such as public speaking, financial literacy, and civic engagement, and many others. Coming soon to IMAAM Center.

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