Family Night

It’s all about family. Come to IMAAM Center and enjoy a night filled with dinner, learning, and quality time with your family and extended family of IMAAM.

2nd and 4th Saturday every month, 6pm – 10pm

Shepherd’s Table

Part of Islamic teaching is to care for others, regardless of their faith. IMAAM participates every month in preparing and serving meals to the homeless at a Shepherd’s Table, a local homeless shelter in Silver Spring, MD.

Every 3rd Sunday, 9am-12pm
Shepherd’s Table, Dixon Ave, Silver Spring, MD


Knowing and working with other faith gives you appreciation of what you have and increase your learning about your own faith. IMAAM works regularly with people of other faith through ISNA and other local organizations.

Summer Camp

The youth is the future. Part of IMAAM’s strategic mission to develop the youth through activities of fun and learning. IMAAM conducts Youth Summer Camps regularly.

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